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Canada, of late, has been a most trending topic amongst everyone. Even though since the beginning of the year 2021, amidst Covid19, Canada has been focusing on inviting the candidates under the Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Under its Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023, the Canadian government is seeking to welcome at least 401,000 new immigrants annually, beginning this year. Prior to the pandemic, this target was set at 341,000 newcomers.

Altogether Canada has welcomed some 143,000 new permanent residents through the first six months of 2021 which remains well short of the pace it needs to welcome 401,000 newcomers by the end of this year.

In order to achieve this newcomer target, Canada needs to land another 258,000 immigrants — an average of 43,000 per month — over the rest of the year.

With so many draws focusing only on CEC candidates made the offshore immigrants wonder about their application status. Among this, a new RAY OF HOPE has come through PNP’s. PNP’s have been regularly been inviting candidates from the pool. In the first quarter, the focus was CEC candidates, however, but in the last two months, provinces have started to invite candidates from the pool other than CEC candidates. Recently Ontario invited candidates under Human Capital Stream from 18 occupations.

But this must not make FSW lose hope, as they have to consider the current COVID19 situation. Once we are past COVID19 and borders start to open up, Canada should come up aggressively in issuing invitations to the FSW category, as so many applicants are on the waiting list.

The foremost beneficiary of this open up would be those who are already in the pool. So one must not wait much and should try to get in the pool. After all, “Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor”

Many are still sceptical about the opening up of CANADA for FSW and for those I must say, scepticism is only going to harm them. They must shed this scepticism and gear up to face the flood of invitations that will be doled out to the FSW category.

Prior to the pandemic, Canada welcomed an average of 25,000 to 35,000 newcomers per month. Immigration levels tend to be higher in the warmer months as more newcomers arrive during favourable weather conditions and leading up to the start of the academic and business calendar in September.

The best part of the Provincial Nominee Program is that it adds 600 CRS points to your current profile, thereby increasing your chances of getting an ITA soon.

Professions in Demand:

· Engineering Professionals | $102,340 per year salary

· Architects | $99,443 per year salary

· Admin Assistants | $55,048 per year salary

· Sales and Marketing | $49,500 per year salary

· IT professionals | $72,060 -$125,000per year salary

· Health Care Professionals | $69,552 per year salary

· Restaurant Professionals | $73,208 per year salary

· Accountants | 90,627 per year salary

· Hotel Managers | $87,765 per year salary


- Free Education for Children

- Free Medical Facilities for the entire family

- Be eligible for citizenship after 3 years of stay

- Travel Rights i.e visit most countries in the world without a visa, or to receive one on arrival.

- Dual Citizenship

- Benefits for Children - A citizen can automatically transmit their citizenship to children born outside Canada.

- Unemployment and Retirement benefits

- Ample of Job opportunities across Canada

Basic Eligibility:

• 2+ years of #Experience

• Age: 24 - 42

To get started, the foremost thing should be to get your Eligibility checked. Take your first step and contact us.

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

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